The design idea of IHCS consists in co-design, implementation, testing and integration of a telemedicine system for monitoring and home rehabilitation of vulnerable people suffering from cognitive disorders or chronic degenerative diseases and rare neurodegenerative ones. The system will consist of a platform for the acquisition and processing of audio-video signals, which will provide innovative services such as socio-therapeutic telecare, outdoor geolocation, rehabilitation activities, practice of diagnosis to assess the progression of rare disorders through the detection of eye movements, finger tapping test and the perceived pain monitoring. Each described item will be integrated in the modular platform and customized through specific phases of co-design, based on the "User needs", which is the starting point of the project activities. The diagnoses made at home will be sent to a service center specialized in telecare that will report to any alarm conditions, and will ensure the secure storage of information through a web platform, capable of advanced security services, disaster recovery and sharing information through different access levels .